11/24/2014: Information collection request to the Office of Management and Budget – Security plans and other security related requirements

The Coast Guard invites comment from vessel and facility owners and operators on security plans for ports, vessels, facilities, Outer Continental Shelf facilities and other security-related requirements.

11/21/2014: Electronic billing program for Certificate of Documentation renewals

The Coast Guard’s National Vessel Documentation Center announced that they will launch a program designed to enroll customers in an automated electronic billing program for Certificates of Documentation renewals.

11/18/2014: Coast Guard and EPA take action on North American and U.S. Caribbean Sea Emission Control Area enforcement and compliance

The Coast Guard and EPA will soon take action to ensure compliance with the forthcoming 0.10% fuel sulphur limits in the North American and U.S. Caribbean Sea ECAs.

11/17/14: Ongoing sophisticated malware campaign compromising Industrial Control Systems

The Department of Homeland Security’s Industrial Control Systems Cyber Emergency Response Team (ICS-CERT) routinely publishes alerts concerning malware and other threats to Industrial Control Systems. One recent alert addresses a variant of the BlackEnergy malware. BlackEnergy and other malware may be present in cyber systems used in maritime industry.

11/14/2014 Federal Register Notice: 2013 Liquid Chemical Categorization Updates

The Coast Guard issued a Federal Register Notice of an additional two-year delay of the effective date of its 2013 interim rule, which updates and revises tables that list liquid hazardous materials, liquefied gases, and compressed gases that have been approved by the Coast Guard and the International Maritime Organization for maritime transportation in bulk.

11/13/2014: Towing Safety Advisory Committee vacancies

The Coast Guard seeks applications for membership on the Towing Safety Advisory Committee for a three-year term commencing September 30, 2015.

11/12/2014: Safety alert – Accidental release of CO2 system

The Coast Guard issued marine safety alert 15-14 to remind shoreside and vessel personnel of the importance of 1) designing and maintaining emergency systems to be logical and easly operated in high stress situations, 2) maintaining a high level of crew familiarity with emergency systems, and 3) exercising safeguards during testing to mitigate the risk of human error or system malfunction.

11/12/2014: Release of Fall 2014 Picklist Updates

The National Vessel Movement Center, or NVMC, announced today that an updated package of picklist XML files for use by third-party developers were released that incorporate various country, port, agency and RSO changes.

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