5/27/2014: Release of the third edition of the U.S. Coast Guard Incident Management Handbook

The Coast Guard announced its release of the third edition of the Incident Management Handbook which incorporates lessons learned, internal and external reviews as well as other important updates since 2005.

5/27/2014: Special load line exemption for Lake Michigan; requests for comments

The Coast Guard published a proposed rule for special load line exemption for Lake Michigan and announced the availability of several requests for a rulemaking and their request for public comments .

5/23/2014: Navigation Safety Advisory Council meeting

The Navigation Safety Advisory Council is holding a meeting that is open to the public, June 11-12, 2014, to discuss matters relating to maritime collisions, rammings and groundings, Inland Rules of the Road, International Rules of the Road, navigation regulations and equipment, routing measures, marine information, diving safety and aids to navigation systems.

5/21/2014: Tonnage regulations amendments

The Coast Guard published a proposed rule in the Federal Register to announce a public meeting to receive comments on a notice of proposed rulemaking published in the Federal Register under the title “Tonnage Regulations Amendments.”

5/20/2014: USCG & BSEE Joint safety alert – Dynamic positioning system failures

BSEE and USCG logos

The U.S. Coast Guard and the Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement issued a joint safety alert addressing a dynamic positioning incident on a vessel resulting in a loss of position while conducting a critical Outer Continental Shelf activity.

5/19/2014 Safety Alert: Preventing slips, trips and falls

The Coast Guard issued marine safety alert 07-14 which comes from a recent incident where a tour boat customer fell into an unprotected two step stair well and received significant injuries.

5/19/2014 Safety Alert: Emergency escape breath devices & life support apparatuses in unprepared status

The Coast Guard issued marine safety alert 06-14 which comes from the discovery of numerous SABRE Emergency Escape Breath Devices, or EEBDs, and Emergency Life Support Apparatus, or ELSA, being found in an unprepared status.

5/16/2014 Merchant Marine Personnel Advisory Committee

The Coast Guard published a notice in the Federal Register announcing a teleconference meeting for the Merchant Marine Personnel Advisory Committee.

5/16/2014 National Boating Safety Advisory Council; vacancy

The Coast Guard published a notice in the Federal Register seeking applications for membership on the National Boating Safety Advisory Council.

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