6/10/2014: Report published to the President – Actions to Improve Chemical Facility Safety and Security

A working group of contributing agencies recently published a full report to the President on chemical facility safety and security and reducing the risk of hazardous chemicals to facility workers, operators, communities and responders.

6/9/2014 National Maritime Center processing times update

The Coast Guard’s National Maritime Center published an information bulletin to share what caused delays in processing times and inventories for credential applications and actions being taken.

6/9/2014 Information collection request to Office of Management and Budget

The Coast Guard posted a notice inviting comments from owners and operators of towing vessels on the collection of information for approval of a revision to the Licensing and Manning Requirements for Officers on Towing Vessels.

6/6/2014: Sub-committee meeting on marine environment protection

The USCG’s Office of Port and Facility Compliance is scheduled to attend a meeting of the ISO Sub-Committee on marine environment protection; the agenda for the meeting will include a working group on development of international standards for management of shipboard wastes and port reception facilities.

6/5/2014: Waterway suitability assessment for liquefied hazardous gas facilities; Freeport, Texas

Sector Houston-Galveston announces receipt of a Letter of Intent and Waterways Suitability Assessment for a proposed construction project to modify existing petroleum product import/export facilities to add LHG operations in Freeport, Texas.

6/4/2014: ETA and ETD Problems with InfoPath eNOAD submissions

There have been changes in estimated time of arrival and estimated time of departure times for some InfoPath Template 6.2.2 users after their XML file has been submitted for processing to the National Vessel Movement Center.

6/3/2014: From the Director of Commercial Regulations and Standards

Portrait of Jeff Lantz

The Director of commercial regulations and standards discusses international standards development within the International Maritime Organization, the shift toward the use of goal-based standards and advances in technology.

6/3/2014: Congressional hearing alert

Tomorrow, the Coast Guard’s Assistant Commandant for Prevention Policy will testify, along with four other members of the Department of Homeland Security’s Leadership and the Government Accountability Office, at a Congressional Hearing on Port Security

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