8/12/2014: Amendment of vessel documentation renewal fees

The Coast Guard published final rule to separately list an annual fee for renewals of endorsements upon the Certificate of Documentation.

8/12/2014: Draft change to the inspection of vessels under the Maritime Security Program NVIC

The Coast Guard published a notice to the Federal Register extending the public comment period on its draft change to Navigation and Inspection Circular 01-13.

8/8/2014: 2014 Joint concentrated inspection campaign on STCW hours of rest

The Coast Guard published marine safety information bulletin to announce a concentrated campaigned focused on STCW hours of rest.

8/7/2014: New type approval series for H-Class structural fire materials on the Outer Continental Shelf

The Coast Guard established four new Coast Guard type approval series covering H-Class structural fire protection materials for use on offshore facilities on the U.S. Outer Continental Shelf.

8/7/2014: Marine safety information bulletin about Ebola for mariners

The Coast Guard published Marine Safety Information Bulletin 12-14 to provide key points and precautions about Ebola for mariners to be aware of.

8/6/2014: Collection of information under review by Office of Management and Budget – Plan Approval and Records for U.S. and Foreign Tank Vessels Carrying Oil in Bulk

The Coast Guard posted a notice requesting comments on the approval of a revision to the collection of information for plan approval and records for U.S. and foreign tank vessels carrying oil in bulk.

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