8/3/2017: Marine Safety Alert 08-17 – Knowing your high seas comms equipment may save your life

Recent inquiries by Coast Guard marine inspectors indicate that a large number of vessel operators and ship masters continue to rely on outdated high seas communications frequencies when communicating with the Coast Guard. This Safety Alert reminds all mariners of the appropriate use of Single Side Band High Frequency (SSB-HF) radios when attempting to contact the Coast Guard outside the normal range of Very High Frequency-Frequency Modulation (VHF-FM) marine radios.

8/3/2017: Coast Guard, Mexican navy sign joint pollution response contingency plan

The Mexico-U.S. Joint Contingency Plan covers various components of a cross-border response, such as coordination and levels of command roles and responsibilities; planning and preparedness; meetings and exercises; operational elements such as mechanical recovery and dispersant usage; trans-boundary movement of response resources; public information, and funding.

8/3/2017: Information collection request to Office of Management and Budget – Application for vessel inspection, waiver, and continuous synopsis record

The collection of information requires the owner, operator, agent, or master of a vessel to apply in writing to the Coast Guard before the commencement of an inspection for certification, when a waiver is desired from the requirements of navigation and vessel inspection, or to request a Continuous Synopsis Record. Comments must be received by Oct. 2, 2017.