Coast Guard ends year-long concentrated inspection campaign for open lifeboats

The Coast Guard recently concluded a year-long concentrated inspection campaign focused on open lifeboats throughout the U.S. commercial fleet. This campaign was directed in the final action memo on the 2015 sinking of the S.S. El Faro.

Coast Guard releases Findings of Concern 008-19

The Coast Guard has released Findings of Concern 008-19. Investigators identified several measures to be implemented on vessels in similar service to mitigate risks.

Notice of Public Meeting in Preparation for the IMO Technical Cooperation Committee’s 69th Session

This public meeting will be held Thursday, June 20, 2019, beginning at 10:30 a.m., Eastern Time, at Coast Guard Headquarters in Washington, DC.

Marine Radar Observer Refresher Training Final Rule and policy letter published

Mariners who have served on radar-equipped vessels in a position that routinely uses radar for 1 year in the previous 5 years for navigation and collision avoidance purposes, and mariners who have taught a Coast Guard-approved or accepted radar course at least twice within the past 5 years will no longer be required to complete a Coast Guard-approved or accepted radar refresher or re-certification course in order to renew their radar observer endorsements.

Maritime Sector Coordinating Council established

Sector Coordinating Councils are self-organized and self-governed councils that enable critical infrastructure owners and operators, their trade associations, and other industry representatives to interact on a wide range of sector specific strategies, polices, and activities.

Unlicensed charters are bad news for everyone

Photo of an inspection sticker that should be on a CG licensed/inspected passenger vessel

Hiring an unlicensed charter is dangerous because the charter may not have the proper emergency safety gear, navigation and communication gear, and may not have undergone the proper license exams and inspections which are put in place to ensure passenger and crew safety.

New Policy Letter: Equivalency Determination – Fire pumps for Subchapter C and Subchapter M towing vessels

This policy letter provides guidance on the use of fixed fire pumps in lieu of portable fire pumps on vessels 65 feet or less.

New resources available on Outer Continental Shelf Nat’l Center of Expertise website

Collage of photos depicting operations on the outer continental shelf

Resources include regulations, policy, and guidance, and frequently asked questions for those who work on the OCS.

Coast Guard seeks participants for Straits of Mackinac ports and waterways assessment workshop

The Coast Guard will select participants based on their waterway expertise and to create a broad cross-section of Straits of Mackinac waterways users and stakeholders. The workshop will be held in St. Ignace, Michigan, July 24-15.

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