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Policy Letter: Multiple Independent Labs for Type Approval Testing of Ballast Water Management Systems

The Coast Guard’s Office of Operating and Environmental Standards has published a final Policy Letter on using multiple Independent Laboratories for evaluating Ballast Water Management Systems (BWMS). This clarifies the intent of […]

3/11/2019: Ballast water compliance date extensions: Next scheduled drydock

In this post, staff from the Environmental Standards Division offer guidance on what constitutes entry into drydock and the end of a ballast water management system extension period.

10/11/2018: Ballast Water Management & Technology North America conference – Recap of presentation on extensions, type approval and next steps

Continuing our coverage of September’s Ballast Water Management and Technology North America conference, staff from the Office of Operating and Environmental Standards and the Marine Safety Center gave conference attendees an update on various aspects of the Coast Guard’s ballast water program. This post recaps those presentations for the benefit of our readers who were unable to attend.

8/21/2018: “Onboard BW Management System” – Do you know which option to select on NBIC’s Ballast Water Management Report?

With few exceptions, U.S. and foreign flag vessels equipped with ballast tanks and which are bound for ports or places of the U.S. must submit a Ballast Water Management Report to the National Ballast Information Clearinghouse, in most cases up to six hours after arrival. As part of the report, vessel owners/operators using an installed ballast water management system make an entry in the “Onboard BW Management System” block on the form indicating the management system currently in use. This post provides information for vessel owners/operators regarding BWMS reporting requirements using the NBIC form.

3/7/2018: Ninth application received for BWMS type approval

The Coast Guard Marine Safety Center received its ninth application for Ballast Water Management System type approval for the BALPURE Ballast Water Management System manufactured by De Nora Water Technologies. MSC will […]

3/7/2018: A closer look at NVIC 01-18 and BWMS compliance date extensions

This blog highlights guidance provided in the recently released NVIC 01-18, “Ballast Water Management For Control Of Non-Indigenous Species In Waters Of The United States,” regarding requests for compliance extensions.

3/4/2018: Updated ballast water management NVIC now available

The offices of Operating and Environmental Standards and Commercial Vessel Compliance announced March 1, 2018, the availability of Navigation and vessel Inspection Circular 01-18, “Ballast Water Management For Control of Non-Indigenous Species in Waters of the United States,” to inform maritime industry and Coast Guard personnel and provide guidance to ensure a more complete understanding of, and maximum compliance with, ballast water management requirements.

2/15/2018: New policy letter regarding inoperable ballast water management systems now available

Policy Letter 18-02 provides guidance to vessel masters, owners, operators, agents, and persons in charge of vessels as well as Coast Guard personnel when evaluating potential courses of action when a vessel destined for a U.S. port has an inoperable ballast water management system.

12/5/2017: Summary of Q&A with USCG panelists during BWMTechnology North America

We hope you enjoyed Rear Adm. Nadeau’s ballast water series last week. As a bonus, in this post Maritime Commons is providing a summary of questions asked of Coast Guard panelists and their responses during September’s 4th Annual BWMTech North America Conference.

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