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7/16/2018: Covered areas on open decks – risks and requirements for passenger vessels

The evolution of passenger amenities on cruise ships has far surpassed the original language of the existing regulations. This is particularly evident on open deck areas where the current trend to situate a variety of cooking, dining, and entertainment options has increased the fire risk. When combined with an overhanging deck, awning, or similar covered area, these risks are compounded. This post provides information and guidance to minimize the risk of fires stemming from overhanging decks on board passenger ships.

1/30/2018: Cruise Ship NCOE releases updated Field Notice 01-18, “Tender & Excursion Vessels”

Field Notice 01-18 provides amplifying guidance explaining the difference between a tender vessel and an excursion vessel onboard a foreign passenger vessel. This notice is intended for foreign passenger vessels operating in the U.S. using small vessels stored onboard the ship for excursion activities. Editor’s note: This is an update to the Field Notice 01-18 released Jan. 24, 2018.