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Maritime Sector Coordinating Council established

Sector Coordinating Councils are self-organized and self-governed councils that enable critical infrastructure owners and operators, their trade associations, and other industry representatives to interact on a wide range of sector specific strategies, polices, and activities.

4/12/2018: Upcoming 2019 Global Positioning System week number rollover event

This post provides information on the possible effects of the April 6, 2019 GPS Week Number Rollover on UTC derived from GPS devices.

12/17/2015: Maritime security – Time for a review

The Coast Guard encourages maritime stakeholders to read the recent DHS advisory and review security measures to be alert for suspicious activity.

12/16/2015: Update to the National Terrorism Advisory System

Today, DHS updated the National Terrorism Advisory System, a tool designed to communicate information about terrorist threats. As part of the Coast Guard’s commitment to the security of our nation’s maritime infrastructure, we are informing you of the change to the NTAS system and providing the opportunity to add an NTAS widget to your own websites to keep your workforce and neighbors informed of potential threats.

10/24/2014: Cybersecurity 101

The Coast Guard’s Chief of Port and Facility Compliance discusses cyber resources, cyber-risk assessements and reduction of cyber-related risk for mariners and facility operators.

10/17/2014: Importance of cyber safety and security to the Marine Transportation System

Rear Adm. Paul Thomas comments on the importance of cyber safety and security to the Marine Transportation System.

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