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Online mariner credential verification tool temporarily unavailable

While technicians work to resolve the issue, credentials may be verified by contacting the National Maritime Center directly.

8/18/2017: VRP Express and transition to Homeport 2.0

This post contain information from the Office of Marine Environmental Protection’s Vessel Response Plan staff regarding how the transition to Homeport 2.0 will impact the Vessel Response Plan Express feature, and recommendations for submitting VRPs during the transition period.

8/4/2017: Homeport Internet Portal version 2.0 to go live in September

For the past year, the Coast Guard has been working to develop the next generation of Homeport that will provide a better user experience and improve the security of user information. Upgrades will include fewer site navigation menus and more efficient and secure search functions. Homeport 2.0 is expected to go live Sept. 12, 2017.

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