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5/9/2016: Interim rule and request for comments – Cargo securing manuals

The Coast Guard is issuing an interim rule to require U.S. and foreign self-propelled cargo vessels of 500 gross tons or more, traveling on international voyages and carrying cargo that is other than solid or liquid bulk cargo, to have cargo securing manuals (CSM) on board. The Coast Guard requests public comment on its intention to extend, in a subsequent final rule, this interim rule’s requirement for vessel CSMs to self-propelled cargo vessels under 500 gross tons, if these vessels carry dangerous goods in packaged form on international voyages.

12/2/2015: Design basis for offshore supply vessels

The Office of Design and Engineering delegated responsibility to the Marine Safety Center for reviewing and approving ‘design basis’ requests for certain offshore supply vessels to improve the design review process for industry.

11/14/2014 Federal Register Notice: 2013 Liquid Chemical Categorization Updates

The Coast Guard issued a Federal Register Notice of an additional two-year delay of the effective date of its 2013 interim rule, which updates and revises tables that list liquid hazardous materials, liquefied gases, and compressed gases that have been approved by the Coast Guard and the International Maritime Organization for maritime transportation in bulk.

8/18/2014: FAQ for Offshore Supply Vessels of at least 6,000 GT ITC interim rule

The Coast Guard published an FAQ document for the Offshore Supply Vessels, of at least 6,000 GT ITC, interim rule.

8/18/2014: Interim rule for Offshore Supply Vessels of at least 6,000 GT ITC

The Coast Guard announces the new interim rule for large offshore supply vessels greater than 6,000 GT ITC (500 GRT).

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