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2/7/2019: International Ice Patrol resumes operations, daily iceberg warning products for 2019 ice season

The Coast Guard International Ice Patrol announced it has commenced operations for the 2019 ice season as of Feb. 5, 2019 and will resume production of the North American Ice Service daily iceberg warning products from its operations center in New London, Connecticut.

10/15/2018: Recap of North American Ice Service’s 16th annual meeting focusing on modernization of ice services

The NAIS is a collaborative organization between the Ice Services of the United States and Canada that takes advantage of each members’ strengths to provide seamless ice information to government and commercial maritime interests in the Polar Regions, North American waters, and the Great Lakes.

9/6/2017: International Ice Patrol completes 2017 ice season, transfers ice warning products to Canadian Ice Service until 2018

During the 2017 season, 1,004 icebergs drifted into the transatlantic shipping lanes, a significant increase from the average of 485 icebergs, making 2017 the 19th most severe season since 1900 and the fourth consecutive extreme iceberg year.

8/14/2017: Recap of Coast Guard remarks at the 7th Symposium on Impacts of an Ice-Diminishing Arctic

Last month, Coast Guard members had the opportunity to present during the 7th Symposium on the Impacts of an Ice-Diminishing Arctic at the Naval Heritage Center in Washington, D.C. The event, held biennially since 2007, brings together some of the world’s leading experts to discuss the ongoing and expected impacts on naval and maritime operations due to rapid change in the Arctic sea ice cover. Maritime Commons attended the symposium to bring you, our readers, the latest on Arctic-related topics affecting maritime industry.

7/19/2017: Information collection request to Office of Management and Budget – International Ice Patrol customer survey

The Coast Guard seeks comments on an extension of its approval for the collection of information for the U.S. Coast Guard International Ice Patrol (IIP) Customer Survey without change. This information collection provides feedback on the processes of delivery and products distributed to the mariner by the International Ice Patrol.

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