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7/9/2018: Waterway suitability assessment to increase liquefied natural gas facility berths and vessel traffic; Cameron Parish, Louisiana

The U.S. Coast Guard published a notice in the Federal Register requesting comments on a Letter of Intent and Preliminary Waterway Suitability Assessment regarding plans for new berths at an LNG facility in Cameron Parish, Louisiana, and to increase the number of LNG vessels at the facility from 400 to 580 annually. The Letter of Intent and Preliminary Waterway Suitability Assessment were submitted by Sabine Pass LNG, L.P. Comments must be received by August 8, 2018.

2/2/2018: Coast Guard members speaking at LNG & Alternative Fuels Symposium

Coast Guard members will be participating in several panel sessions during the LNG & Alternative Fuels Symposium in Seattle, Feb. 8, 2018. Maritime Commons will bring post-conference coverage to our readers who […]

8/16/2017: LGC NCOE releases guidance for analyzing risk of simultaneous operations during liquefied natural gas bunkering

Field Notice 01-2017 contains recommendations for the marine industry and Captains of the Port to consider when assessing the risks of LNG Simultaneous Operations. It includes guidance on an optional, formal operational risk assessment, if the vessel operator chooses to conduct one.

6/8/2017: Policy letter for evaluating Simultaneous Operations during LNG fuel transfer operations

The Coast Guard’s Office of Operating and Environmental Standards (CG-OES) has issued a policy letter providing guidance for evaluating Simultaneous Operations (SIMOPS) during Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) Fuel Transfer Operations at waterfront facilities subject to 33 CFR Part 127. The policy letter provides guidance to Coast Guard Captains of the Port (COTPs) considering safety issues associated with SIMOPS while conducting LNG fuel transfer operations.

5/22/2017: Safety alert 05-17 – Dangerous modifications found within a gas valve unit room

Recently Coast Guard port state control officers performed an examination on board a Liquefied Natural Gas carrier. While onboard the inspectors discovered a significant and potentially dangerous modification within a gas valve unit (GVU) room.

4/12/2016: Coast Guard creates new foreign gas carrier examiner tactics techniques and procedures

The Coast Guard created its first foreign gas carrier examiner inspection guide to be used by vessel operators to best prepare for initial, renewal and annual examinations of foreign-flagged gas carriers.

4/11/2016: LGC NCOE works with Trelleborg to train Coast Guard personnel on ship shore connections

The Liquefied Gas Carrier National Center of Expertise works with industry to train Coast Guard personnel on liquefied gas ship shore connections.

3/17/2016: Coast Guard and Federal Energy Regulatory Commission – Voluntary cyber reviews

Last week, the Coast Guard met with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission to discuss collaboration on voluntary Cyber Architecture Reviews for MTSA-regulated LNG facilities.

2/29/2016: LGC NCOE leads exam on first large-scale U.S. carrier export of liquefied natural gas

The Liquefied Gas Carrier National Center of Expertise conducted the first inspection of a large-scale liquefied natural gas carrier with the first LNG cargo for export from the lower 48 states since the 1960’s.

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