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Guidance on the enforcement of radar observer requirements prior to July 22, 2019

With the pending implementation of the Final Rule amending marine radar observer refresher training requirements, the Office of Commerical Vessel Compliance announced that mariners will be considered in compliance with radar observer requirements if they hold a valid Merchant Mariner Credential containing the appropriate endorsement as Radar Observer. This policy will expire July 22, 2019, the Final Rule’s implementation date.

Marine Radar Observer Refresher Training Final Rule and policy letter published

Mariners who have served on radar-equipped vessels in a position that routinely uses radar for 1 year in the previous 5 years for navigation and collision avoidance purposes, and mariners who have taught a Coast Guard-approved or accepted radar course at least twice within the past 5 years will no longer be required to complete a Coast Guard-approved or accepted radar refresher or re-certification course in order to renew their radar observer endorsements.

6/11/2018: Proposed amendments to marine radar observer refresher training regulations

The Coast Guard announced in the Federal Register a proposal to revise its merchant mariner credentialing regulations to remove obsolete portions of the radar observer requirements and harmonize the radar observer endorsement with the merchant mariner credential.

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