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7/20/2016: Safety alert: Routine lifejacket inspections

The Coast Guard issued a safety alert to remind all vessel operators to routinely inspect their lifejackets to ensure they are suitable for service. Recently Coast Guard inspectors discovered over 60 lifejackets that were required to be removed and destroyed. It was discovered that the unicellular foam buoyant material within the nylon outer shell had degraded significantly over time, broke apart, crumbled and in some instances was reduced to dust. The lifejackets were properly stored, kept dry, and not under direct sunlight; however, the location was very hot at times.

6/10/2016: Safety alert – Federal safety requirements for vessels carrying paying passengers

The Coast Guard issued a safety alert to raise awareness regarding federal safety requirements for vessels carrying any paying passengers onboard a vessel on navigable U.S. waters.

4/25/2016: Safety alert – Recall of all SAFELINK EPIRBS

The Coast Guard issued a safety alert to inform that Kannad Marine has issued a recall of all SAFELINK EPIRBs due to a possible defect that could result in the beacon not operating in emergency situations.

1/19/2016: Safety alert – Global navigation satellite systems

The Coast Guard issued a safety alert to warn mariners of the potential detrimental impact to navigation caused by GPS interference, or jamming, and the importance of understanding how vessel or facility equipment could be impacted by the loss of a GPS signal.

12/30/2015: Safety alert – dredging equipment hazards

The Coast Guard issued Marine Safety Alert 14-15 to remind recreational boaters and commercial vessel operators to use caution when operating their vessels near areas where dredging operations may be taking place. This alert also reminds commercial entities performing dredging in waterways to make sure all components of pipelines are properly marked and accounted for regardless of the recreational boating season and locations where dredging is taking place.

11/10/2015: Safety alert – dockside safety issues

The Coast Guard issued a safety alert to warn mariners of the unusual hazards associated with the maritime industry, specifically waterfront facilities.

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