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5/14/2019: Marine Safety Center issues tech note on carriage of offshore workers on OSVs less than 6,000 GT

This Technical Note provides guidance for OCMIs and vessel owners and managing operators on the process for requesting carriage of more than 36 offshore workers on U.S. flagged Offshore Supply Vessels that are less than 6000 GT ITC.

11/28/2018: Marine Safety Center review of rigid hull inflatable vessels

The MTN provides an alternative design standard equivalent to certain regulatory requirements found in 46 CFR Subchapters T and S for rigid hull inflatable and rigid hull foam collar small passenger vessels.

12/8/2017: New Marine Technical Note – Guidance on verification for Subchapter M towing vessels

MTN 1-17 identifies the process for requesting and documenting verification of compliance with design standards, and cancels MSC Bulletin 04-16.

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