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Outer Continental Shelf hurricane guidance for 2019 season now published

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The District Eight Outer Continental Shelf Officer in Charge, Marine Inspection published its reporting requirements for the upcoming hurricane season. Reports of personnel remaining offshore will allow the Eighth District to prepare for potential post-storm search and rescue operations.

3/6/2019: Acceptance of 2009 Mobile Offshore Drilling Units Code, as amended

The Office of Design and Engineering Standards issued Change 1 to CG-ENG Policy Letter 02-12, to accept the amendments from the 2009 MODU Code, which include updated design and equipment requirements that stem from the findings of the Deepwater Horizon casualty investigation.

5/3/2017: New issue of ‘Drill Down’ available

In this issue of the Drill Down, the Outer Continental Shelf National Center of Expertise discusses mobile offshore drilling units regulatory compliance options for foreign flagged vessels engaged in U.S. offshore activities.

9/15/2015: Acceptance of CAP 437 – Standards for Offshore Helicopter Landing Areas

A new policy letter was just released to authorize U.S. flagged mobile offshore drilling units, floating Outer Continental Shelf facilities and vessels to utilize CAP 437 in lieu of the helicopter facilities standards in 46 CFR Part 108.

5/6/2015: Excellence in marine investigations award for investigation into Kulluk grounding

The Coast Guard awards four Coast Guard investigators for their work in the investigation into the circumstances surrounding the grounding of the mobile offshore drilling unit KULLUK.

4/15/15: Consolidation of Officer in Charge, Marine Inspection for Outer Continental Shelf activities – Eight Coast Guard District

The Coast Guard is establishing a consolidated OCMI for the purposes of inspecting mobile offshore drilling units, and fixed and floating facilities, engaged in OCS activities in the Eighth Coast Guard District.

4/1/2015: After-action from Outer Continental Shelf dynamic positioning public comment meeting

Read after-action from public meeting on the proposed rule, “Requirements for MODUs and Other Vessels Conducting Outer Continental Shelf Activities with Dynamic Positioning Systems.”

03/11/2015: Requirements for MODUs and other vessels conducting Outer Continental Shelf activities with dynamic positioning systems

The Coast Guard will hold a public meeting to receive comments on a notice of proposed rulemaking to amend regulations for mobile offshore drilling units and other vessels conducting OCS activities with dynamic positioning systems.

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