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1/18/2018: Coast Guard testing new delivery method for marine safety information

As the primary federal agency responsible for providing Maritime Safety Information to mariners, the Coast Guard is testing an information delivery method to bring mariners Broadcast Notice to Mariners, Maritime Safety Information Bulletins and other Marine Safety Information currently available only through VHF-FM marine band radio.

7/13/2017: MSIB 008-17 Application of commercial fishing vessel requirements on Atlantic HMS permitted handgear vessels

MSIB 008-17 (corrected) provides guidance to highly migratory species (HMS) charter fishing vessels, the commercial fishing industry, and the Coast Guard. It represents the Coast Guard’s current interpretation on the applicability of commercial fishing vessel safety requirements and regulations for those vessels fishing for Atlantic HMS. The compliance posture outlined in the bulletin applies if the vessel/owner/operator holds ONLY an Atlantic HMS or Tunas permit.

12/16/2016: MSIB – Revisions to FAQs for 2016 National Preparedness for Response Exercise Program

The Coast Guard published Marine Safety Information Bulletin (MSIB) 016-16 to announce that frequently asked questions (FAQs) will no longer be distributed via MSIB. This comes as a follow up to MER MSIB 12‐16, which published answers regarding the 2016 National Preparedness for Response Exercise Program (NPREP) guidelines as they pertain to Salvage and Marine Fire Fighting (SMFF) exercises and Government Initiated Unannounced Exercises (GIUEs).

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