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5/25/2017: IOSC Recap #3-Tank Barge Argo: A case study on the employment of NCP special teams

Next up in our IOSC series, is a recap of a presentation by Cmdr. Tedd Hutley, commanding officer of the Atlantic Strike Team, titled “Tank Barge Argo: A Case Study on the Employment of NCP Special Teams.” The Argo was a small tank barge that sank in Lake Erie, Ohio in 1937 and began leaking over 70 years later.

8/27/2015: Organizational modification of the vessel and facility response plan programs – MSIB published

The Coast Guard announced the transfer of the Vessel Response Plan and Facility Response Plan programs from the Offices of Commercial Vessel Compliance and Port and Facility Compliance to the Office of Marine Environmental Response.

9/18/2014: Information collection request to the Office of Management and Budget- State access to the Oil Spill Liability Trust Fund

The Coast Guard invites comments from owners and operators of vessels on the streamlined inspection program.

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