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Latest ‘Drill Down’ – Official Logbooks

Now a legal requirement, ship logs and records are recorded in either an Official Logbook or an unofficial record or logbook. But what is the difference between an Official Logbook and an unofficial log or record? And what are the requirements for an Official Logbook? This issue of Drill Down explains Official Logbooks for OSVs, when they are required, and when an unofficial logbook is suitable for record-keeping.

Latest ‘Drill Down’ – Class 1 watertight doors


Class 1 watertight doors are a critical part of a vessel’s watertight subdivision, and, consequently, a crucial part of damage stability considerations. This issue of Drill Down explores the mechanics, materials, and inspection considerations of the gasket material of Class 1 WTDs.

New resources available on Outer Continental Shelf Nat’l Center of Expertise website

Collage of photos depicting operations on the outer continental shelf

Resources include regulations, policy, and guidance, and frequently asked questions for those who work on the OCS.

4/2/2019: Coast Guard, industry experts hold 6th Outer Continental Shelf Inspectors Course

The OCS Inspectors Course familiarizes Coast Guard marine inspectors and port state control officers with their responsibilities in examining foreign-flagged Mobile Offshore Drilling Units operating on the U.S. OCS. Qualified instructors from the Outer Continental Shelf National Center of Expertise and subject matter experts from Shell and Sparrows Group taught the course.

12/12/2018: New issue of ‘Drill Down’ now available

This issue of Drill Down explores Public Law 96-378, the first regulation to define “Offshore Supply Vessel” and “OSV Service.”

4/5/2018: New issue of ‘Drill Down’ now available

This issue of Drill Down will be the first of a series providing basic fundamental explanations of the “what, where, and how” of offshore oil and gas exploration, starting with hydrocarbons and hydro-carbon reservoirs.

2/20/2018: New issue of ‘Drill Down’ now available

As the offshore oil and gas industry pushed exploration into deeper water, it found that conventional anchoring became less practical and cost effective. The advent of DP brought the industry an effective, yet complex solution to remaining stationary while conducting high consequence operations. In this issue of ‘Drill Down’ the Outer Continental Shelf National Center of Expertise discusses the basics of a Dynamic Positioning (DP) system.

11/15/2017: New issue of OCS NCOE ‘Drill Down’ available

In is issue of the Drill Down, the Outer Continental Shelf National Center of Expertise talks about the advent and evolution of the offshore supply vessel throughout the years.

7/13/2017: New issue of OCS NCOE’s “Drill Down” available

In this issue of the Drill Down, experts talk about characteristics and operating parameters of both floating and fixed OCS production facilities, spars, tension leg platforms, semi-submersibles, and floating, production, storage, and offloading units (FPSOs).

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