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Marine Safety Alert: Prevent Passenger High-Risk Behaviors

A passenger who intentionally jumps into the water from a commercial passenger vessel or who falls from the vessel as a result of high-risk behavior may be considered to be interfering with the safe operation of a vessel as defined by 46 U.S. Code 2302. Offenders are subject to a fine up to $34,000.

6/25/2018: Recent law enforcement case highlights dangers of illegal passenger vessel charter operations

In November, we published a blog post on illegal passenger vessel operations and the risk they pose to public safety, credentialed mariners, and legitimate operators. In this post, we highlight a recent case in Miami as an example of the dangers associated with illegal charter operations and the importance of a coordinated effort between federal and local law enforcement authorities and the passenger vessel industry to combat the problem.

1/17/2018: Cruise Ship National Center of Expertise Foreign Passenger Vessel Examiner Course

The Foreign Passenger Vessel Examiner (FPVE) Course three times each year and is open to select segments of industry and Coast Guard active duty, reserve, and civilian members. The course is designed to provide instruction on the process for conducting foreign passenger vessel exams.

1/12/2018: Release of Offshore Operations and Passenger Vessel Cybersecurity Framework profiles

These profiles reflect how organizations align the NIST framework’s cybersecurity activities, outcomes, and informative references to organizational business requirements, risk tolerances, and resources. They outline a desired minimum state of cybersecurity and cyber risk management, and provide the opportunity to plan for future business decisions.

8/7/2017: Information Collection Request to Office of Management and Budget – Small passenger vessels

The information requirements are necessary for the proper administration and enforcement of the program on safety of commercial vessels as it affects small passenger vessels. The requirements affect small passenger vessels (under 100 gross tons) that carry more than 6 passengers. Comments must be received by Oct. 6, 2017.

6/10/2016: Safety alert – Federal safety requirements for vessels carrying paying passengers

The Coast Guard issued a safety alert to raise awareness regarding federal safety requirements for vessels carrying any paying passengers onboard a vessel on navigable U.S. waters.

2/10/2016: Sea strainers constructed of nonmetallic materials for use on small passenger vessels

The Coast Guard published policy letter to provide guidance on the use of nonmetallic sea strainers on small passenger vessels.

12/28/2015: Out of water survival craft – Frequently asked questions

The Coast Guard is posting a new FAQ to address recently published policy letter regarding out of water survival craft.

12/21/2015: VHF-DSC Radio equipment installation requirement for inspected passenger and commercial fishing vessels

The Coast Guard published guidance on how to verify the installation of required VHF radios with digital selective calling capabilities on inspected domestic passenger vessels and commercial fishing vessels as required by January 2016.

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