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8/6/2018: Draft Environmental Impact Statement for Polar icebreaker program available for public comment

The Coast Guard announced in the Federal Register that it is seeking public comment, as lead agency, on a draft Programmatic Environmental Impact Statement in accordance with the National Environmental Policy Act for the Polar Icebreaker Program’s design and build of up to six polar icebreakers. Comments must be received by Sept. 20, 2018

4/26/2018: Polar Icebreaker Program public scoping process has begun for preparation of Environmental Impact Statement, intent to hold public meetings

As a courtesy to our audience, Maritime Commons will provide a daily compilation of nationally-relevant Federal Register Notices. To provide comments for the public record, follow the Federal Register link for each […]

2/22/2017: Five firm fixed-price contracts awarded for heavy polar icebreaker design studies, analysis

The objective of the studies, which have a combined total value of approximately $20 million, are to identify design and systems approaches to reduce acquisition cost and production timelines.

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