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3/29/2019: Imposition of conditions of entry on certain vessels arriving to the United States from the Republic of Seychelles

The Coast Guard announced in a Federal Register Notice that it will impose conditions of entry on vessels arriving from ports in the Republic of Seychelles. Conditions of entry are intended to protect the United States from vessels arriving from countries that have been found to have deficient anti-terrorism port measures in place.

7/25/2017: Recap of remarks by Rear Adm. Paul Thomas at AAPA’s port security seminar

Adm. Thomas recently spoke at the American Association of Port Authorities Port Security Seminar and Expo in Chicago, Illinois. The expo brought members together to take a closer look at securing America’s ports from the inside out, with a special focus on supply chain security and their related cybersecurity and security related technology. This post provides a condensed version of Thomas’s remarks for our readers who were unable to attend the expo.

2/3/2016: Collection of information under review by the Office of Management and Budget – Enhanced maritime domain awareness via electronic transmission of vessel data

The Coast Guard seeks comment on enhanced maritime domain awareness via electronic transmission of vessel transit data to ensure port safety and security and an uninterrupted flow of commerce.

10/26/2015: Congressional hearing alert

Tomorrow the Coast Guard’s Assistant Commandant for Response Policy, Rear Adm. Peter Brown, will testify before a Congressional Hearing focusing on the Coast Guard’s efforts to protect U.S. Ports from a “dirty bomb” attack.

7/8/2015: Cyber risk management – Interagency cooperation

Recently, the Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement published an article on BSEE and Coast Guard shared responsibilities to manage cyber and other risks in the offshore environment.

6/15/2015: Coast Guard Commandant on Cyber in the maritime domain

Read a summary of the Coast Guard Commandant’s remarks from last week’s Area Maritime Security Committee meeting on cyber in the maritime domain and the soon-to-be-released Coast Guard Cyber Strategy which will be released tomorrow.

5/21/2015: Maritime Sector Coordinating Councils

The Coast Guard wants to encourage the creation of SCCs to shape what cyber security in the maritime environment will look like as well as assist in the development of the Transportation Sector’s Sector Specific Plan, in support of the National Infrastructure Protection Plan, and the current efforts underway to refresh the National Preparedness Goal.

3/9/2015: Maritime cybersecurity symposium – Sneak preview of the Coast Guard’s Cybersecurity Strategy

Read the first public sneak preview at the Coast Guard’s Cybersecurity Strategy in remarks from the Coast Guard’s Deputy Commandant for Operations in part 4 of a 4 part series from a recent maritime cybersecurity learning seminar and symposium held at Rutgers University.

3/6/2015: Maritime cybersecurity symposium – Remarks from the Coast Guard 11th District Staff Judge Advocate

Read remarks from the Coast Guard Eleventh District Staff Judge Advocate in part 3 of a 4 part series from a recent maritime cybersecurity learning seminar and symposium held at Rutgers University.

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