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Participatory Democracy an Essential Part of Maritime Rulemaking

Editor’s note: The following was compiled from several articles related to the Administrative Procedure Act which are available in the Spring 2013 edition of Proceedings Magazine. Recognizing the 74th Anniversary of the […]

11/22/2016: Proposed Rulemaking – Polar Ship certificates

The Coast Guard seeks comment on a notice of proposed rulemaking that would add the new Polar Ship Certificate to the list of certificates required to be carried on board all U.S. and foreign-flagged vessels subject to SOLAS which operate in Arctic and Antarctic waters. The proposal also enables recognized classification societies to issue these certificates on behalf of the Coast Guard.

10/19/2016: Proposed rulemaking – Great Lakes pilotage rates

The Coast Guard proposes new base pilotage rates and surcharges using the methodology instituted in 2016. The changes would take effect 30 days after publication of a final rule. Rates for pilotage services on the Great Lakes were last revised in March 2016 and, by law, must be reviewed annually.

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