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10/11/2018: Ballast Water Management & Technology North America conference – Recap of presentation on extensions, type approval and next steps

Continuing our coverage of September’s Ballast Water Management and Technology North America conference, staff from the Office of Operating and Environmental Standards and the Marine Safety Center gave conference attendees an update on various aspects of the Coast Guard’s ballast water program. This post recaps those presentations for the benefit of our readers who were unable to attend.

11/21/2017: Preview of upcoming ballast water series from assistant commandant for prevention

As promised during the 4th Annual BWMTechnology North America Conference in September, Maritime Commons will launch a new ballast water series November 27 from the Assistant Commandant for Prevention Policy, Rear Adm. John Nadeau. In the series, Nadeau will provide greater insight into many of the leading topics discussed during the conference. To give our readers a snapshot of the upcoming 5-part series, Maritime Commons is posting a summary of Coast Guard presentations and comments from the conference.