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2/23/2018: Notice of Commercial Fishing Safety Advisory Committee Meeting

The Commercial Fishing Safety Advisory Committee (CFSAC) will meet via teleconference March 15, 2018, to discuss the Regulatory Reform tasking efforts (CFSAC task statement #01-17) and may take action to submit their report to the U.S. Coast Guard. The teleconference will be open to the public.

9/27/2017: Nat’l Maritime Security Advisory Committee meeting summary

This post provides a short summary of the NMSAC’s recent meeting to discuss various security-related projects, including the draft NVIC addressing cyber risk at MTSA facilities.

8/31/2017: National Maritime Security Advisory Committee establishes three workgroups for regulatory reform tasking

The Committee’s work will assist the Coast Guard in implementing Executive Orders 13771 and 13783 which were issued in February and March 2017, and are aimed at reducing regulatory burden and promoting economic growth.

6/8/2017: Evaluation of existing Coast Guard regulations, guidance documents, interpretative documents, and collections of information

The Coast Guard is accepting comments through July 10, 2017 on regulations you believe should be repealed, replaced, or modified.

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