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11/16/2018: Recap of recent National Maritime Security Advisory Committee meeting

Committee members discussed topics such as unmanned aerial vehicles and cyber security, the port security grant program, and CBP’s Customs Trade Partnership Against Terrorism, a voluntary program through which CBP works with the trade community to strengthen international supply chains and improve U.S. border security.

7/19/2017: Recap of National Alternative Security Program (ASP) Organizations bi-annual workshop to advance maritime security initiatives

The National Alternative Security Program (ASP) Organizations held a workshop in Washington, D.C., June 14, 2017, to discuss ongoing and emerging issues related to meeting regulatory requirements of the Maritime Transportation Security Act (MTSA) of 2002. MTSA was enacted to keep U.S. shores and vital waterways open, safe and secure for commerce.

6/1/2017: The Evolution of Sector Profiles – Recap of recent NIST Cybersecurity Framework Workshop

In this post, Capt. Ryan Manning, chief of the Office of Port and Facility Compliance, talks about the progress made between the Coast Guard and partner organizations to continue building cybersecurity profiles and the importance of constant stakeholder engagement.

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