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Marine Safety Alert: Unexpected heavy weather dangers

The Coast Guard Office of Investigations and Analysis has released Marine Safety Alert XX-21, to highlight how unexpected heavy weather events and rapid changes in weather have contributed to multiple notable and deadly marine casualties over the past several years.  

Marine Safety Alert: Corroded turntable pins can cause structural failure on accommodation ladders

The Coast Guard Office of Investigations and Analysis has released Marine Safety Alert 05-21, to notify mariners to a potentially dangerous situation involving corrosion of the turntable pin on accommodation ladders.

5/22/2017: Safety alert 05-17 – Dangerous modifications found within a gas valve unit room

Recently Coast Guard port state control officers performed an examination on board a Liquefied Natural Gas carrier. While onboard the inspectors discovered a significant and potentially dangerous modification within a gas valve unit (GVU) room.

1/3/2017: Safety alert – Importance of following safety procedures

The Coast Guard issued Marine Safety Alert 01-17 to remind owners and operators of vessels of the importance of following established safety management system procedures.

12/16/2016: Safety alert – MAN B&W Cooling Jacket Failures

The Coast Guard published Marine Safety Advisory 17-16 to bring attention to a problem with cracks on the cooling jacket, specifically MAN B&W, that have been linked to steering and propulsion casualties. All vessel owners, operators and engineers are encouraged to view this alert.

10/14/2016: Safety alert – Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Smartphone

The Coast Guard issued safety alert 15-16 to remind vessel owners, operators, mariners, cruises ship passengers, and all others employed in the maritime domain of the importance of concerns associated with Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Smartphone.

10/4/2016: Safety alert – Towing operations

The Coast Guard issued a safety alert reminding owners and operators of businesses and vessels associated with the towing of large drilling rigs, such as semi-submersibles, conical or other types of non-standard tows, of the importance of planning for such significant towing operations.

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