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8/22/2016: Safety alert – Discarded munitions

The Coast Guard issued safety alert 11-16 to address the extreme hazards that exist today caused by discarded munitions that were dumped at sea long ago. They remain a significant risk to commercial fisherman, those operating dredges, and others who trawl and work the ocean floor.

8/9/2016: Safety alert – Proper safety precautions, protective equipment

The Coast Guard issued safety alert 09-16 to reiterate the importance of following proper safety procedures and using the right protective equipment such as personal multi-gas detectors.

7/29/2016: Safety alert – Accidental hazmat exposure

Coast Guard issued a safety alert to remind Coast Guard container inspectors and others involved in the inspection or handling of intermodal containers to be aware that there is always a risk of exposure to hazardous materials, whether the containers are marked as containing hazmat or not.

7/20/2016: Safety alert: Routine lifejacket inspections

The Coast Guard issued a safety alert to remind all vessel operators to routinely inspect their lifejackets to ensure they are suitable for service. Recently Coast Guard inspectors discovered over 60 lifejackets that were required to be removed and destroyed. It was discovered that the unicellular foam buoyant material within the nylon outer shell had degraded significantly over time, broke apart, crumbled and in some instances was reduced to dust. The lifejackets were properly stored, kept dry, and not under direct sunlight; however, the location was very hot at times.

6/29/2016: Safety alert – Random chemical testing requirements for marine employers, sponsoring organizations and mariners

The Coast Guard published a safety advisory to restate and reemphasize the importance of a properly administered and applied random chemical testing program to prevent drug misuse as a causative factor in marine casualties.

11/19/2015: Safety alert – Ultra low sulfur fuel oil and compliance with MARPOL requirements

The Coast Guard issued a new safety alert with new recommendations about the importance of establishing effective fuel oil changeover procedures to comply with MARPOL Annex VI emission regulations.

9/9/2015: Safety alert – Reminder to employ knowledgeable operators with appropriate skills

In response to a recent collision, the Coast Guard issued a safety alert to remind owners and operators of the need to employ knowledgeable operators with appropriate seamanship skills to navigate their vessels.

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