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Ship Structure Committee unveils re-discovered historical films

The Ship Structure Committee (SSC) has published three historical films depicting maritime acidents recently re-discovered in the archives at U.S. Coast Guard Headquarters in Washington, DC.

Ship Structure Committee Publishes Report on Crack Arrestor Enhanced Aluminum Structures: SSC-476

Report cover SSC-476

The Ship Structure Committee announces the publication of a new report, SSC-476, titled “Design and Performance Evaluation Methods for Crack Arrestor Enhanced Aluminum Marine Structures”.

10 Research Project Ideas Reviewed by Ship Structure Committee at the 2020 Annual Meeting

The Ship Structure Committee has released the list of this year’s top ten project ideas. Annually, the SSC solicits research project ideas from the public which may be selected for funding.

Ship Structure Committee Publishes Finite Element Analysis Guide: SSC-475

The Ship Structure Committee announces the publication of a new report, SSC-475, titled “Guidelines for Evaluation of Marine Finite Element Analyses.”

07/17/2018: New Ship Structure Committee report released: SSC-474

The Ship Structure Committee announced the publication of a new report, SSC-474, titled “Structural Assessment of Aged Ships,” by Mr. Gregory Walker, Mr. Brendan Connell and Mr. Sean Kery of CSRA. The report describes the development of an assessment process to accurately predict the survivability of a corrosion-degraded ship in specific wave conditions.

1/9/2018: Ship Structure Committee soliciting research ideas for 2018 Project Year

The SSC is seeking research ideas within four focus areas: 1) Structural Lifetime Extension; 2) Arctic Construction, Operations, Technologies, and Effects; 3) Composite Materials; and 4) SSC Follow-Up Report. All submissions much reach the SSC Executive Director by Feb. 28, 2018.

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