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Upcoming National Merchant Marine Personnel Advisory Committee subcommittee meeting schedule

The National Merchant Marine Personnel Advisory Committee (N-MERAPC) will be holding three subcommittee meetings pertaining to Sexual Harassment and Sexual Assault- Prevention and Culture Change in the Merchant Marine, STCW Convention and Code Review, and Military Education, Training, and Assessment for STCW and National Mariner Endorsements.

Revisions to NVICs concerning merchant mariner credential STCW endorsements

The Office of Merchant Mariner Credentialing announced changes to three NVICs providing guidance on the renewal of STCW endorsements for Proficiency in Survival Craft, Proficiency in Survival Craft-Limited, Basic Training, and Advanced Firefighting for mariners serving on vessels in reduced operating status and on other vessels that that are in operation that do not get underway.