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7/27/2017: Information collection request to Office of Management and Budget – Navigation safety information, emergency instructions for certain towing vessels

The Coast Guard seeks comments from vessel owners, operators, and masters by Sept. 25, 2017, on an extension of its approval for the collection of information for the Navigation Safety Information and Emergency Instructions for Certain Towing Vessels without change. Navigation safety regulations in 33 CFR part 164 help assure that the mariner piloting a towing vessel has adequate equipment, charts, maps, and other publications. For inspected towing vessels, under 46 CFR 199.80 a muster list and emergency instructions provide effective plans and references for crew to follow in an emergency situation.

4/24/2017: Guidance for credentialing officers of towing vessels

Navigation and Vessel Inspection Circular (NVIC) 03-16 provides Coast Guard guidelines for credentialing officers of towing vessels. Mariners commencing training and assessment toward an officer of towing vessels endorsement should use the TOARs contained in NVIC 03-16. Mariners should plan accordingly to ensure that previous versions of TOARs are completed and application for endorsement is made prior to March 24, 2019.