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10/11/2018: Ballast Water Management & Technology North America conference – Recap of presentation on extensions, type approval and next steps

Continuing our coverage of September’s Ballast Water Management and Technology North America conference, staff from the Office of Operating and Environmental Standards and the Marine Safety Center gave conference attendees an update on various aspects of the Coast Guard’s ballast water program. This post recaps those presentations for the benefit of our readers who were unable to attend.

9/6/2018: Change 1 to NVIC 01-09, Voluntary Compliance with International Sewage Regulations

The purpose of NVIC 01-09, Change 1 is to provide additional guidance for vessel owners or operators as well as manufacturers of any shipboard sewage processing equipment, including facilities that test shipboard sewage and related processing equipment, to voluntarily request U.S. Coast Guard certification of compliance with international sewage regulations in Annex IV to MARPOL 73/78.

6/19/2018: Posidonia 2018 – Role of the Regulator

In part two of our series covering Coast Guard participation in Posidonia this month, Rear Adm. John Nadeau continues his discussion at the Hellenic Marine Environment Protection Association’s conference on air emissions, shifting to the role of the regulator in the fast-past and ever-changing global maritime shipping industry, all in the context of ballast water management regulations.

3/7/2018: Ninth application received for BWMS type approval

The Coast Guard Marine Safety Center received its ninth application for Ballast Water Management System type approval for the BALPURE Ballast Water Management System manufactured by De Nora Water Technologies. MSC will […]

3/7/2018: A closer look at NVIC 01-18 and BWMS compliance date extensions

This blog highlights guidance provided in the recently released NVIC 01-18, “Ballast Water Management For Control Of Non-Indigenous Species In Waters Of The United States,” regarding requests for compliance extensions.

9/22/2017: What happens to Coast Guard Type Approval when a manufacturer goes out of business?

All equipment manufactured during the validity of the type approval certificate remains “Approved” as long as it is manufactured, installed, and operated according to the terms of the type approval certificate. This post provides information about how the transfer of ownership or system alteration impacts the certificate’s validity.

7/26/2017: Updated Ballast Water Management FAQs now available

New BWM frequently asked questions now available on Homeport. Topics covered include compliance, the type approval process, and working with Independent Laboratories.

6/21/2017: Marine Safety Center issues updated ballast water management system type approval certificate

The updated certificate was issued to Sunrui Environmental Engineering Co Ltd., for their BalClor Ballast Water Management System in order to clarify the hazardous location installation requirements onboard foreign flag vessels.

6/9/2017: Marine Safety Center issues Ballast Water Management System (BWMS) type approval certificates to Sunrui Marine Environment Engineering Co., Ltd.

The Coast Guard Marine Safety Center issued the fourth U.S. Coast Guard Ballast Water Management System Type Approval Certificate to Sunrui Marine Environment Engineering Co., Ltd. after a detailed review of the manufactures type approval application determined the system met the requirements of 46 CFR 162.060.

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