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6/6/2017: Congressional hearing alert – Deputy commandants for operations, mission support to testify on building a 21st Century infrastructure

The Deputy Commandant of Operations Vice Adm. Charles Ray and Deputy Commandant for Mission Support Vice Adm. Sandra Stosz will testify before Congress Wednesday, June 7, 2017, on building Coast Guard capabilities and infrastructure for a 21st Century. Details and the internet link to a live-webcast of the hearing are provided in this blog post.

4/5/2017: Connecticut Maritime Association’s 2017 Shipping Conference – Remarks from Vice Adm. Charles Ray, deputy commandant for operations

In March, senior Coast Guard leaders had the opportunity to make remarks on various topics during the Connecticut Maritime Association’s Shipping 2017 conference and expo in Stamford, Connecticut. Third in the series is a keynote address by Vice Admiral Charles Ray, deputy commandant for operations. In his remarks, Ray talks about the ever-changing maritime environment and how Coast Guard regulations will continue to protect the environment but also support the Marine Transportation System.