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4/15/2014: NIST Cybersecurity Framework Shop

The director of Coast Guard inspections and compliance provides a summary of remarks made, and questions asked, at the recent cybersecurity workshop, hosted by the National Institute for Standards and Technology. His remarks focused on work done by the Coast Guard and partner organizations to building security profiles, using the NIST Framework, to secure the bulk liquid transport sector.

3/10/2016: Coast Guard cadets to get merchant mariner credentialed

Qualifying Coast Guard Academy cadets, graduating in 2016, now have the opportunity to apply for merchant mariner credential, Master of Less Than 100 GRT, Near Coastal.

1/12/2016: Transportation Research Board Annual Meeting – Maritime cyber risk management

Read key takeaways from the Coast Guard’s Director of Inspections and Compliance at the Transportation Research Board of the National Academy of Science annual meeting. The annual meeting covered all transportation modes and addressed topics of interest to policy makers, administrators, practitioners, researchers and representatives of government, industry and academic institutions.

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