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9/15/2016: NTSB completes Vessel Traffic Services safety study

The National Transportation Safety Board recently released a safety study of the Coast Guard’s Vessel Traffic Services (VTS) program. The Coast Guard fully supported this effort and appreciates the comprehensive work done by the NTSB. The Coast Guard will evaluate and use the results to improve the effectiveness of VTS nationwide.

4/7/2016: Vessel requirements for Notices of Arrival and Departure and Automatic Identification System information collection

The Coast Guard published a final rule announcing today (April 7, 2016) as the effective date for the collection-of-information associated with automatic identification system requirements from a final rule published on January 30, 2015.

4/1/2015: Vessel requirements for notices of arrival and departure and Automatic Identification System

The Coast Guard published a correcting amendment to a final rule expanding the applicability of NOAD and AIS requirements and make related amendments regarding AIS.

1/30/2015: Vessel requirements for notices of arrival and departure and automatic identification system

The Coast Guard is expanding the applicability of NOA and AIS requirements to include more commercial vessels.

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